NETWORK / Multinational


We believe that all people deserve salvation, and be able to enter into a space where they can serve, worship and receive Jesus without the condemnation of His people. Dove Gospel is a collective network of those dedicated to serving that purpose.

Care Team

Serving your needs 24×7 / 7 days a week. Our goal is to pray, equip and support you in a time that you need the level of support it provides.


His people need a house, and our Churches and network partners worldwide serve to provide that safe space for you to connect with God.


All members of our network are given the opportunity to study the material provided @ Dove Gospel – College for ministry.

Gen. Z.

Focused on Gen. Z, our ministry is providing them an opportunity to find Jesus in a way they understand and can dedicate their lives to Him.

Inspire Group

All members in our network should be inspired, encouraged and given foundation in order to dive into intimacy with Jesus / Heaven.


Operating a Record Label, Radio, TV and countless other avenues in order to reach the lost. We strive for you to become emerged in Jesus.






I certainly will.

Growth & Jesus

As a people responsibile for your pastoral care, our goal is to help promote and support your growth in relationship with Jesus and reliance on Heaven rather then in mankind.

Our Church is your Church

As belivers in Jesus our focus is on the vision set by Heaven, to reach into the nations and participate in making impacting change to the face of what is known as Christianity today. 

James Hughes

Senior Network Pastor

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.

Philippians 4:6 NLT

There have been many lessons the LORD has taught me in the role of Senior Network Pastor and founding member of Dove Gospel – Multinational. With one of them being the LORD chooses you rather then your picking of the office you wish to serve Heaven.

Stepping into the role of Senior Network Pastor has helped me demonstrate to those the LORD has called into our network, that He ultimately has chosen and set us apart to do his work.

Intensive Support

We believe everyone should receive the support that’s needed to enter into a deep and lasting relationship with our Soverign LORD. That’s why we have created Intensive Support in order for our team to help boost your confidence and understanding of what is available to you in spirtual warfare and the Kingdom of God.